My resignation as Patron of Disability Arts Cymru

It is with the greatest regret I am stepping down as Patron of Disability Arts Cymru owing to irresolvable differences with the chair and board about what constitutes transparency and good governance procedures.

I thank the chair and the board for the time and effort given to responding to my concerns, which have not, however, been allayed. Having been closely involved with the organisation for nearly thirty years, fifteen of which as a board member, I do not withdraw from that relationship lightly.  I will always wish Disability Arts Cymru well and continue to support the staff who are working hard to do a good job, and whose knowledge, expertise and skills are more important than ever.

Kaite O’Reilly


4 responses to “My resignation as Patron of Disability Arts Cymru

  1. Oh my goodness, Kaite. Sounds serious. Good on you for sticking with your beliefs for good practice/ethos. Much love xxx

    Sophie Stone

  2. Stephanie Tillotson

    Very sorry to hear of your resignation. My heart sank when I read your letter.

  3. Oh, Kate! I have been there. May your path forward be made of ease.

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