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Gender and Playwriting Survey – invitation to participate

Tonic Theatre are currently working with eleven other companies across the UK, inviting playwrights to participate in a survey so they may find more about the connections between gender and playwriting.

Information gathered will contribute to research conducted as part of Advance, a programme exploring how the theatre industry can work more successfully with female artists.

I hope we are all aware of the inequality existing within the industry – a stubborn 2:1 male to female ratio. For a quick fix on stats and data gleaned  from research by The Guardian and Elizabeth Freestone, have a look at: http://www.theguardian.com/news/datablog/2012/dec/10/women-in-theatre-research-full-results

Tonic are encouraging playwrights of any age, gender, or location in the UK to participate in the anonymous survey. It will take 10 minutes upwards to complete, depending on the level of your participation. “We know that it’s not often that playwrights are given the chance to comment on how the industry does or doesn’t work for them, and your response will be vital to the success of Advance and broadening our understanding more generally of the playwright’s experience.”

The Advance programme is exploring how the theatre industry can work more successfully with female artists. Tonic Theatre “..supports the theatre industry to achieve greater gender equality in its workforces and repertoires….Tonic’s approach involves getting to grips with the principles that lie beneath how our industry functions – our working methods, decision-making processes, and organisational structures – and identifying how, in their current form, these can create barriers. Once we have done that, we devise practical yet imaginative alternative approaches and work with our partners to trial and deliver them. Essentially, our goal is to equip our colleagues in UK theatre with the tools they need to ensure a greater level of female talent is able to rise to the top.’

A project worth participating in – and you can until Monday 24 March.


You can participate in the survey here:  http://fluidsurveys.com/s/AdvancePlaywrightSurvey/

Further information about Tonic, their projects and their work can be found at: http://www.tonictheatre.co.uk/