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Opening night! richard iii redux on International Women’s Day…..

Sara Beer in ‘richard iii redux’. Photo by Paddy Faulkner panopticphotography

And so it comes around… and appropriately, on International Women’s Day – the world premiere of richard iii redux OR Sara Beer [is/not] Richard III… Delighted to discover we’re sold out tonight at Chapter Arts Centre in Cardiff – it seems such a terrific way to celebrate today – a one woman show, taking on an iconic male role, subverting it, commenting on it, remixing it and making it her own….. And a disabled woman performer in a powerful role, commanding centre-stage…. I am so proud of the work Sara is doing, and so grateful to the talented and committed artists, designers, and crew working with The Llanarth Group.

The past few days have been tech and dress rehearsals, where Paddy Faulkner of panopticphotography took these images. Our final dress this afternoon was crowned with an interview with @MadeInCardiff TV – Sara Beer, director Phillip Zarrilli and I all talking about our particular processes and perspectives on the project, which should be going out over the next three nights.

We also spoke with Nicola Heywood Thomas on BBC Radio Wales Arts Show, which you can listen again to, or download as a podcast here

@Buzz_Magazine also previewed the show in their March 2018 edition, on page 28, here

Sara Beerin richard iii redux. Photo by Paddy Faulkner panopticphotography

We are determined to make the show as accessible as possible, and so I am touring with the production as live captioner. I think this is a first. I’ve never heard of the playwright/dramaturg taking a place in the on-stage tech corner – responsible for projecting her text onto the screens, matching the performer’s spoken words. This is a production where there are no smoke and mirrors – everything is transparent and in view, which matches the metatheatrical nature of the performance. So many productions make a song and dance about captioning one show in a whole run – and that’s great, but not enough… we will caption every single performance, from Cardiff, Aberystwyth, to Theatre Clwyd in Mold, from The Torch at Milford Haven, to Small World Theatre in Cardigan. Captioning makes a production more accessible for all sorts of audience members, and creates an additional interesting aesthetic, as can be seen by Paddy’s photograph, above.

We are so excited to be finally bringing this production before an audience tonight – Sara is ready for her public! – and celebrating international women’s day, putting women usually left off-stage or in the shadows in full light, centre-stage.

International Women’s Day

It’s March 8th, International women’s day, and women of Wales have been invited to blog about those who inspire them. 

Today I am both humbled and brought to the edge of tears by a blog my friend and fellow writer, Sandra Bendelow, posted:


So in reply, who might I name?

There are so many – maybe too many to name or this becomes a self-congratulatory roll call. The presence of many of the women who inspire me to strive to be better than I am are already on this blog.

But perhaps it is important to reflect on women and their achievements in what has felt to me recently as an increasingly misogynistic world. It is a world where a fifteen year old girl can be shot in the head on a school bus for wanting to have an education; it is a world where a female medical student can be raped on a public bus and left to die at the roadside in Delhi; it is a world where a sixteen year old girl can be stabbed fatally on the Birmingham bus taking her to school, twenty four hours ago. Sexual assaults in august institutions and by ‘national treasures’ dominate the press amidst gagging orders and white-washing, whilst casual sexism creeps back into the media and stalks popular culture.

Maybe it’s my skin getting thinner as I age, but I am feeling the cold more – and the gender climate outside is feeling decidedly hostile and chilly.

So before I depress you all, let’s seize the moment to celebrate and give thanks. I salute the campaigners and the whistle blowers, the activists and the doers, ‘the  difficult women’ and ‘the ball breakers’, the scary marys and their redoubtable chums, the viragos and the slatterns, the harpies, hags, and shrews, the biddies and the xanthippes, the jezebels, medusas, gorgons and graeaes, the vixens and the fishwives, the battleaxes and witches, the crones, ogresses, and old bags… keep answering back, keep leaving your mark, never be bowed and long may you continue….