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Alternative Dramaturgies: a workshop with Kaite O’Reilly.




I’m delighted to be giving a workshop at The Tobacco Factory in Bristol on March 25th 2013:

ALTERNATIVE DRAMATURGIES: organising material, shaping and structuring stories

How does a script end up being the shape it is? 
What factors impact on a playwright’s decision to create a play in a certain way, with a specific structure?

A script is not just dialogue, characterisation and action. A play does not just tell a story. This workshop will consider some of the other dramaturgical elements involved in making a blueprint for live performance – the elements which aren’t usually covered in workshops – and ask, what are the organisational principles which can inform process and dramatic structure? How do logic, tempo rhythm, dramatic progression and the journey of an audience impact on the shape of a performance text? How do metaphor, concept, and imagery come into play?

Through looking at specific examples this workshop will explore different ways of shaping a script. There is selected advance reading – further details from Carrie on 0117 9020345

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