Playing the Maids generous supporters

Image for Playing the Maids by Mick O'Shea

Image for Playing the Maids by Mick O’Shea

On the eve of heading off to Cork and Playing the Maids at the Midsummer Festival, I want to say the most sincere and heartfelt thanks to those who supported us in the Fundit campaign….

The named and the anonymous – how we appreciate your generosity and encouragement. We enter the next week which will be full of  revisions and the creation of new material with a spring in our step owing to the knowledge of your support.

Heart felt THANK YOU (in no particular order), to:

Luke Goss, Julie Bainbridge, Peter Hulton, David Skreiner,              Judy Kravis, Maximillian Le Cain, Paula Larkin, Patricia Boyette, Thomas Ortlepp, Wendi Teoh, Carol Sorgenfrei, Richard Hornby, Jungjinyo, Diarmaid O Shea, Sara McKay, Kirstie Davis, Claire Lindsay, Conor Lovett, Sonja Mitsche, Lorraine Neeson, Cormac Boydell, Alissa Clarke, Mariko Boyd, Bernard Ibertsberger, Danny Mc Carthy, Lizzy Humber, Deborah Middleton, Tara McAllister Viel, Andy Crook, Tanja Ribul, Corina Duyn, Ed Devane, Karen Power, Peter Church, Sun Young Kim, Laura Pauwels, Rouzbeh Rashidi, Julie Forrester, Jo Shapland and Ciara O’Flynn.

You helped make this happen – the adventure of the next week, which I will be documenting and blogging about, here.

Thank you all for this vote of confidence.

The Llanarth Group, Theatre P’Yut and Gaitkrash.


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