when mind is dull and words fall heavy

Sometimes it’s just not working…. Sometimes the words fall heavily and awkwardly, if at all…. Sometimes the mind is dull with no thoughts or ideas, or too excited, ideas crowding, making you unable to focus… Sometimes you are intent on a specific project or genre and you need a little guidance from others who have gone ahead successfully….Sometimes it’s good to know you’re not alone…. Sometimes a prompt or exercise is what you need to get kick-started in the morning, or to rein you in, give you purpose in a stolen hour at night….

Here’s some online workshops by terrific writers including MJ Hyland, Pascale Petit, Deryn Rees-Jones and others, courtesy of Mslexia.

Workshop on the novel, devised by MJ Hyland:


A conversation with the possible, poetry workshops devised by Deryn Rees-Jones:


Beginnings, workshops for short stories devised by Katy Darby:


Poetry from art, devised by Pascale Petit:


Further workshops, prompts and exercises are available on the Mslexia website.

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