Anais Nin on life.

Anais Nin Quote - Live Out Confusions Print - Standard Size
I’ve had some great conversations on the creative process since posting ‘To learn, first make a really good mess’ – and when I saw this on, I couldn’t resist reproducing it.
Part of the process of writing, as well as living, seems to be making sense of the confusions that beset us, or that we create. I was talking with my friend and fellow writer Sandra Bendelow today, and much of our discussion was about having the patience to ride out the periods of confusion when writing, of trusting that the murk will clear and clarity will follow. We agreed this came with experience, for often when in the  eye of the storm that is drafting and redrafting, courage and faith (in the work and the artist’s ability) can be lost.
This artwork by Lisa Congdon, reproducing a quotation from Anais Nin’s journals seemed timely….
For further information on both Anais Nin and Lisa Congdon, to read the original post on brainpickings, or even buy a reproduction of the above, please follow the links below:

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    “If I had not created my own world, I would certainly have died in other people’s.” Anaïs Nin

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