Tech rehearsal – In Water I’m Weightless

Karina Jones – In Water I’m Weightless – tech rehearsal

I love technical rehearsals – it’s when all the elements come together and we begin to get a sense of what the show, with all its components, will look like. Never is this more the case as when working on such a large collaboration with so many aspects – spoken, signed, and projected text; live action and choreography; live and pre-recorded film.

DSM Sarah Thomas standing in for actors in tech’.

This is also the time when the work of our fabulous designer and video artist, Paul Clay, truly comes into its own. It’s hugely tempting to reveal his work, so it is with restraint I reproduce these incidental images and hold back on his more spectacular visuals.

From monologues written alone, over an extended period – words on the page – we move into this complex, multi-layered theatrical experience – and I feel incredibly fortunate in what I do.

2 responses to “Tech rehearsal – In Water I’m Weightless

  1. God, it looks stunning. So excited by this work. Waiting for the London run.

    • Thank you Mr PK – have been having to restrain myself from putting up more images, but don’t want to spoil the impact and surprise of the design and show in performance. Please do note it will be a scaled-dowm version we’re taking to London. The Purcell Room in the Southbank Centre is considerably smaller than the Weston Studio at Wales Millennium Centre – there’s not enough room for the frocks, never mind the rest of Mr Clay’s phenomenal design… So we’re encouraging people to come to Cardiff to get the full impact and experience!

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