Interview with John McGrath and Kaite O’Reilly.








Mandy Colleran in rehearsals, In Water I’m Weightless.

Approaching the end of the third week of rehearsals of In Water I’m Weightless – everything is beginning to fall into shape.

Yesterday director John McGrath and I took part in a live video chat, crouched over a laptop in the makeshift Wardrobe department, surrounded by half-constructed costumes and outrageous hats.

One of the questions was about my role in this process…. I’ve supplied the script, we’re far along in rehearsals – so why am I still here?

Usually when I’m commissioned, I provide the script and stay around for the first two weeks or so of rehearsals, so I can check the text is working and deal with any issues that arise. With this project, we are montaging and collaging together – a four-way process between text, direction, movement/choreography and the visuals/video footage. Owing to this, the script is ever changing – the order morphing. We place two sequences together and at times create an unexpected dynamic, which impacts on the sequencing of the rest of the piece.

It feels an immensely organic process, and as the script is not a linear chronological story, telling one experience, but a mosaic of voices, both signed and spoken, we are crafting the piece together as it emerges, following my original suggested order, which is now changing and developing.

If you would like to follow the interview with John McGrath, artistic director of National Theatre Wales, and writer of In Water I’m Weightless, please go to:

6 responses to “Interview with John McGrath and Kaite O’Reilly.

  1. Writing is definitely an organic process. I’m hanging around rehearsals too and have found that you need to rewrite text that’s not sounding right (or in my case, not funny…) Are you going to live stream the show?

    • Thanks for your comment. National Theatre Wales did live stream their last show (The Radicalisation of Bradley Manning’ by Tim Price), but I know of no plans, to date, to live stream this performance. It’s at the Wales Millennium Centre in Cardiff for two weeks 26 July – 4 August 2012, with a few extra shows, in a reduced design format, at the Southbank Centre 31st August and 1st September, as part of the celebrations around the Olympics, as part of the Cultural Olympiad.

  2. Thanks for your interest and support!

  3. Hi Kaite – haven’t had chance to listen to interview yet, but wanted to say what an awesome photo in today’s blog. Fantastic!

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