Montaging In Water….

In Water I’m Weightless is a fantastic puzzle we are currently engagesd in solving.

We have excerpts of scripted monologues, movement/dance sequences building on the r&d work with Nigel Charnock, led by associate choreographer Catherine Benmett.

Designer Paul Clay is beginning to introduce text projection and live/pre-recorded video footage. As one of his many roles is a VJ, live video mixing in underground clubs in New York, he brings a fabulous edge to the work.

I’m blogging this on the hoof, leaving  the  rehearsals at Wales Millennium Centre in Cardiff, heading off to the Malta Theatre Festival. When I’m back on Monday, we will try the first run-through – or ‘cry through’ as Dave Toole wryly put it.

Then begins the really exciting dramaturgical work – exploring the tempo-rhythms, structure and order, the contrasting textures and overall coherence. It will be an excitIng week.

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