“Fantastic feedback for LeanerFasterStronger.”

Ben Addis in LeanerFasterStronger, Crucible Studio until June 2nd.

Delighted to find the following on the Sheffield Theatres website: http://www.sheffieldtheatres.co.uk/about/news/news/leanerfasterstronger-receives-fantastic-feedback/

LeanerFasterStronger opened in the Studio last Friday, receiving some fantastic feedback from audiences and the press. Having been Lyn Gardner’s pick of the week for The Guardian two-weeks running, the Sheffield Star found this ‘smart new play’ both ‘engaging’ and ‘eye-opening’ praising the ‘dynamic cast’, ‘innovative set design’ and ‘Andrew Loretto’s slick direction’ as well as ‘Kaite O’Reilly’s agile script’ which ‘bristles with detail gleaned from impeccable research’

The Disability Arts Online review echoes The Star’s warm reception, writing: ‘LeanerFasterStronger presents a fascinating glimpse into a brave new world. It certainly provides plenty of food for thought. So go and get your mind enhanced!’

Audiences are also enthusing about the production, finding it both engaging and thought-provoking:

‘to have not only a brand new play, but a play about elite sports, with subliminal Olympic but challenging messages was quite unexpected…we talked all the way home in the car about the ‘layers’ of message it gave us!’ 
            Judith Donovan, Legacy Trust


‘Fascinating and superbly acted’ @andyroo84


‘#LeanerFaster [is] very powerful! Go see!’ @hjfeathers


‘Intriguing stuff…[presenting] big ideas and human questions’ @tgordziejko


‘Fascinating & dynamic show with an amazing cast!’ @laurajanehamlet


‘Had a fab night…watching LeanerFasterStronger…go see it!’ @becci_hooper


‘there’s a depth of research and thought that makes it like watching a dynamic conversation…the script makes its arguments provocatively…Powerful performances, persuasive language…get down there before it closes on Sat’ 
Posted on Sheffield Theatres website


‘The staging of the piece, the choreography of it [and] the physicality of the actors was very well realised…The climax…seemingly speaks about the ultimate strength and weakness of man [and the play] examined sides to sport which might not readily be discussed…We debated some of the issues on the train ride home, and that is all a piece of theatre can really hope to achieve’ 
Posted on the Guardian website


Inspired by the 2012 Olympic Games, the play has caught the attention of the sporting community too, and we’re excited to welcome diver Tom Daley’s mentor and Olympic silver-medalist Leon Taylor to see the performance later this week, himself tweeting that he is ‘look[ing] forward to catching the performance’.

LeanerFasterStronger runs until Sat 2 June, telling the story of one man’s pursuit to be the best, asking the questions: what does it take to achieve our ambitions? What sacrifices are we prepared to make?

Catch it while you can!

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