Lyn Gardner’s Guardian preview and Pick of the Week for LeanerFasterStronger


Delighted to see the following from Lyn Gardner in the Guardian Guide 19th May:


John Simm in Pinter’s Betrayal (to 9 Jun) in the main house may be getting all the attention, but Kaite O’Reilly’s play in the Crucible Studio feels very much like a play for today. In fact, with the country gearing up for the Olympics, its emphasis on the pursuit of gold and always being the best is particularly pertinent. It examines whether there’s a cost associated with the pursuit of excellence, and what “the best” means in a world of smart drugs, designer babies and genetic modifications. O’Reilly is a writer to cherish who should be more widely known, and this show promises to offer deeper insights around science, enhancement and what it really means to be human.

Crucible Studio, Wed to 2 Jun

Lyn Gardner

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