Hang-ups! Aerial and Disability

Here’s a link to a fascinating short film by aerialist and academic Tina Carter, film maker Anton French, and writer/performer Sophie Partridge.

I worked with Sophie back in 2002 on the original stage and radio productions of my play, peeling with Graeae Theatre Company, and some years later as dramaturg on one of her early forays into playwriting.  Sophie is always interesting and well worth a look.

Please go to:


5 responses to “Hang-ups! Aerial and Disability

  1. Many thanks for posting Kaite. We’ve started to attract viewings and feedback which is very exciting. There’s also a direct URL now to the FB page which, I hope you don’t mind me posting is: http://www.facebook.com/aerialhangups

  2. You’re a Star for doing this for us O’Reiley! I saw Celyn-The-Welsh1 the other week & we drank (tea!) to your Gud Ealth!! ;-))
    Many thanks Kaite,

    • It’s lovely work and I’m really glad I got forwarded the link in the first place. It’s great to have a platform where we can share work that hopefully others will find stimulating, or enjoy. More power to you. x

  3. Sophie performed with Graeae in Dublin many years ago. We didn’t talk as there were too many people between us after a matinee show. Many years later, I flew to Croydon to the Clocktower Theatre to see “Raspberry Ripple”. After coming off the plane, my stress levels were making me vomit. Straight to the disabled toilet. The lovely Ms. Partridge–we had this stupid dialogue–“You go on.” “No, you go on!”–she let me go first. As well as her performance and writing, Sophie is lovely. When I came out of the loo, she asked “Are you okay?” I was nodding and then she said, “You’re Irish.” I nodded again. Again Sophie said, “Being lifted, being manhandled on and off the flight, is very stressful.” As old as I am, as often as I’ve travelled, nobody else seemed to get the impact of being lifted on and off a flight had on me. Very few words passed between us and I don’t know Sophie but thank God she was the one at that disabled toilet on that day and not somebody else.


    Great film and great work, Sophie!

    • Thanks Rosaleen,
      Think that’s ringing some dingy bells! I do remember having to borrow Mr. John of Kelly’s key to aforementioned loo and then nearly rolling in on Sir Garry of Robson while he was still in it! Oops… 😉
      Thanks for your nice words, x

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