LeanerFasterStronger: reflections on writing the rehearsal draft (1)

One of the frustrating aspects of revising a script is not knowing whether the changes will work until you’ve completed the whole draft and can see it in its entirety. You may have a fantastic first third, a taut middle, or a thundering ending, but I’ve found strengthening one part of the script can paradoxically weaken a section which was previously deemed ‘fine’ – or at least didn’t draw attention to itself.

The fact of the matter is, you can’t change one part of the draft without this having repercussions and reverberations across the rest, rather like the ripples from the apocryphal pebble thrown into the still pond. Although it may have many scenes, or structures, or sequences, or sections, a script is still one entity and so all parts combine to make that whole, and each is reliant on the other.

(A shorter blog than usual, but deadlines beckon. If I make further discoveries as I work towards ‘D’ day – delivery day – they will follow…)

(c) Kaite O’Reilly 24th February 2012.

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