The Echo Chamber – testing, checking, trying – 3rd week of rehearsals


Ian Morgan in rehearsals for The Echo Chamber. All photographs Kaite O”Reilly

The last weekend before our move to Cardiff and final rehearsals and tech’ before opening. We have been scrutinising the structures (or ‘scenes’, or individual moments), asking what work they are doing dramaturgically.


We have been asking what motifs each scene/structure establishes and what it seeds or contains re-action, aesthetic, meaning, complicity. This is done on the floor – us charting and navigating our way through sequences.

Phillip Zarrilli

Peader Kirk has also been working on a sound design, mixing and experimenting as Ian and Phillip move through their paces.


. . . . . .

I have been fine-tuning the texts – found, co-created, and written – trying different rhythms and combinations: scientific, poetic, prosaic and metaphysical, tracing the bedrock of images through the whole and the moments where they appear explicitly in the work.


We have been trying out possible structures and running orders before small invited audiences in the rehearsal studio in Llanarth.

Tomorrow we run the whole once more before loading the cars and heading off to Chapter Arts Centre. 

And then we begin.

copyright 21/1/12 Kaite O’Reilly

4 responses to “The Echo Chamber – testing, checking, trying – 3rd week of rehearsals

  1. Still watching and reading Kaite and thinking about how many times I know I will need to return to the site to decipher or even begin to understand a little of this journey. Fascinated by each individual’s different means of notation and feeling grateful that it is here to come back to.
    Really excited about seeing the performance.

  2. Thank you so much for that support – am really excited about bringing the work to completion in this first phase and then having a chance to reflect.

  3. Nice pictures Kaite, love the one of Ian mid-air.

    • For a viz imp (visually impaired person) I’m doing surprisingly well at carving out a second career as a photographer…. just discovered a rehearsal shot I took of Phillip and Ian has been given a full page in the Chapter arts centre brochure – very gratifying. And thanks for your comment!

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