The Feminist Spectator wins major award for dramatic criticism




Jill Dolan



I’m delighted to discover my friend, Jill Dolan, has been awarded The 2011 George Jean Nathan Award for Dramatic Criticism. This prestigious prize, administered by Cornell University in the USA, is given for her blog The Feminist Spectator. This is the first time in the Award’s fifty-two year history the honour has been given to a a blog.

Jill writes:

‘The Feminist Spectator ruminates on theatre, performance, film, and television, focusing on gender, sexuality, race, other identities and overlaps, and our common humanity. It addresses how the arts shape and reflect our lives; how they participate in civic conversations; and how they serve as a vehicle for social change and a platform for pleasure. It’s accessible to anyone committed to the arts’ political meanings.’

The Nathan award committee commended Professor Dolan for her consistently thoughtful and articulate discussions of the contemporary stage: “Dolan intersperses informed personal responses to plays and performances with significant historical, political and cultural insights that help frame and contextualize her remarks. A tireless champion of women artists, Dolan graciously, yet compellingly, enjoins us to be mindful spectators as well as lovers of the theatre.”

So many congratulations to Jill – well deserved.

Best wishes for the season to all and please do check out that blog.

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