Back up your work – even blogs!




Dejected today as the lengthy blog I was just completing, ‘Artists and Scientists focus on precision’, has somehow disappeared into the ether and despite saving it on wordpress, various searches have come up with nothing but an empty document… Clearly some kind of technical glitch or accidental finger-play involving a delete button has occurred….

So I am re-reminded of one of the key rules we should follow as writers: Back up your work – even blogs!

I shall go and tend my wounds and reflect on the wasted time and perhaps try to recreate the same blog….

If I choose to rewrite, perhaps this new blog will be better than the original. Rewriting from scratch, without reference to the original, was apparently something Chekov did and recommended. I also remember being advised by a literary manager early in my career to put away a script I was unhappy with, and start the whole thing again…

I tried to, but am such a pragmatic creature who hates leaving anything to waste, I simply went back and deconstructed the original, reconstructed it with more precision, and it went on to win the Peggy Ramsay Award.

No such luck this time.

In order to revise, we need to have saved the original….

Ho hum.

Please benefit from my error.

Back up your work! You never know when hubrus may strike.

4 responses to “Back up your work – even blogs!

  1. Good advice! I back my (visual) work up to an external hard drive. You only have to lose a whole hard drive full of work once to consider this…

  2. The idea of losing a hard drive’s worth of work (written, or visual) fills me with terror and dread! I am overly-cautious with back-ups, and have various memory sticks and external hard-drives in reserve, in case one of them is faulty! In this instance, I became too nonchalant with saving work on-line and not elsewhere…. But as someone who might have lost everything earlier this year had I not been a fastidious backer-upper, when my laptop decided to die in Berlin, I entreat everyone to be well backed-up!! Thanks for the comment, Gus.

  3. Thanks for the advice, how hugely frustrating for you

    • Indeed! Thanks for the sympathy. I really enjoyed the piece I lost, full of references to Ruth Padel, John Donne and science and poetry both using metaphor.
      If I can get over my frustration, I’ll try writing it again….

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