The Echo Chamber.








Ian Morgan and Phillip Zarrilli in rehearsals.                                                                   Photo by Kaite O’Reilly

It feels like I’ve gone straight from the airport to the rehearsal room – a subterranean studio by Euston with rolling stock atmospherically rattling across the ceiling every twenty minutes.

I am back to where I started – my opening blogs in August about beginning to make The Echo Chamber with Ian Morgan, director Peader Kirk, and Phillip Zarrilli of The Llanarth Group. The performance will premiere at Chapter Arts Centre in Cardiff  from 27 January 2012 and we four co-creators are often scattered across the world, working in America, Poland, Greece and the UK. Until our official rehearsal period begins in late December, we seize the opportunity to meet when and where the possibility lands – in this case, with my flight from the US.

It is difficult to know where to begin when so early in a deliberately interrupted process, so we start as we did, before: two bodies in a room, listening and responding to one another. Phillip and Ian immediately find their complicity and Peader and I find ourselves sitting there nodding, sensing the possibilities of what these two performers could do together.

Referring to copious notes and video, we go back and revise, revisiting the semi-structured improvisations and created or found text collated in our August days together. Certain themes emerge – how memory is formed in the brain,  the composition of natural phenomena, the Japanese concept of Yugen, what lies beneath… We open up new improvisations and possible physical scores, agree individual tasks to be completed before our rehearsals in late December and then depart, scattering again in different directions across the capital, dragging, as usual, suitcases behind us.

Information on The Echo Chamber and a downloadable poster and postcard can be found on News on my website:

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