Fflam Pwy? Whose Flame is it Anyway?






Kaite O’Reilly leading a workshop at Disability Arts Cymru’s Skills Week with The Unusual Stage School, Summer 2011. Performer Sherrall Morris is to the right.

Disability Arts Cymru (DAC) have just made a video about their work supported by the Cultural Olympiad: Fflam Pwy? Whose Flame is it Anyway? 

This is a series of initiatives, projects and professional development opportunities for emerging writers, artists and actors, culminating in exhibitions, performances and publications in 2012.

Back in the summer, I was involved with the Skills Week for the Unusual Stage School, leading workshops alongside John McGrath (artistic director of National Theatre Wales), Ian Morgan, and Tara McAllister-Viel, amongst others. The Unusual Stage School was set up by DAC to offer experience and training for disabled and Deaf performers in Wales, where there is a dearth of opportunities in this field.

I am also editing a collection of creative writing by young and emerging disabled and Deaf writers, supported by a series of workshops led by professional writers across Wales. Reflections on writing, revision, and editing will appear, I’m sure, in future blogs.

Meanwhile, to view the video, please go to:


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